Bereaved by Suicide Services

When you learn that someone may have died by suicide, you can feel a range of emotions. While talking things through can’t change what’s happened, it may help to make things a little easier.

Friends and family can be a great source of support for you at this time. However we know this can be difficult as they may also have experienced a loss, or your feelings may be different to theirs.

We can help

Our services support those who have been bereaved or affected by suicide. Our caseworkers provide free and confidential support tailored to your needs.

We can help in a variety of ways. This includes informing you of your rights and the next steps. This may be assisting with the funeral or the inquest, or at work/study.

We can help by listening to you and validating your feelings. We also help you to reflect and explore ways to cope after a traumatic incident. And we can connect you with other services who may be able to support you, for example counselling.

Our support is delivered via email, telephone, or face to face or it may include a combination of these. No matter when the suicide took place, we can help to support you.

Our services

We provide Bereaved by Suicide services in the following areas: