Training for organisations

At Victim Support, we are dedicated to creating safer environments for everyone. The impact of crime can be devastating, and we recognise the urgent need for proactive measures to prevent and respond to these challenges effectively.

That’s why we’re introducing our comprehensive training and e-learning programmes tailored specifically for professionals, universities, and educational organisations.

Workplace violence and being a victim of crime can lead to:

  • Increased staff sickness and need for time off
  • Poor employee morale, causing a decline in staff engagement and productivity
  • A damaged business reputation, creating distrust amongst customers and key stakeholders
  • Challenges in staff retention and recruitment, leading to increased recruitment and training expenditures
  • Higher insurance premiums and compensation payments
  • Heightened stress levels among employees, impairing their ability to perform and decreasing workplace productivity
  • A decline in overall employee wellbeing, causing difficulties in social, occupational and interpersonal functioning.

Benefits for businesses:

  1. Safer work environments and improved employee wellbeing
  2. Increase sales and staff productivity
  3. Positive corporate identity and reputation

Benefits for universities and educational organisations:

  1. Enhance support for disclosures
  2. Improve student health and wellbeing, academic success
  3. Increase campus safety

Testamonial: University of Salford

The Student Support team at the University of Salford are proud to be the first Victim Friendly University.  We are committed to working in a trauma-informed way and in making this work a priority as part of our evolution as a university.  The training was a brilliant start for us and generated some important discussion with our colleagues.  We fully intend and will look forward to running more of these sessions with Victim Support in the future”.  Tanith Halstead, Head of Student Support at the University of Salford

People who have been victims or witnesses to crime can face significant barriers in the workplace and education system. Victimisation can take many forms, from harassment and discrimination to burglary and violence. Regardless of the nature of the incident, the impact can be devastating for both the victim and those around them. By equipping organisations with the knowledge and skills to address these issues, our e-learning and training programmes aim to create safer, more inclusive environments where employees and students can thrive.

Our research shows that:

Needs assessments: We understand the needs and challenges of different organisations may vary. That’s why we undertake a needs assessment for each organisation we work with to make sure you’re getting the most out of your training programme.

Expert-led: Our training content is written by experienced professionals with expertise in victim support. They bring real-world insights and practical strategies to empower participants to tackle complex issues confidently.

Interactive learning: We believe that active engagement fosters deeper learning and understanding. That’s why our e-learning and training sessions incorporate interactive activities and case studies to encourage participation and facilitate skill development.

Key training modules:

Active bystander intervention: Empowering bystanders to recognise and intervene in situations of harassment, bullying, or violence effectively.

Fraud awareness: Understanding the different types of fraud and how people may fall victim, providing support to people affected, and managing disclosures.

Impact of crime: Exploring the impact of crime on victims and witnesses, and strategies for effectively supporting those affected.

Alongside our key training modules, we offer customisable packages where we work closely with you to tailor modules to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Ready to invest in a safer, more supportive environment for your organisation? Getting started with our training is easy:

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