People we’ve helped

Victim Support helps thousands of people recover from the impact of crime each year. Here are some of their stories.

If we’ve helped you in the aftermath of a crime, sharing your experience could help others. Please contact us to discuss how to share your story. If you’re concerned about revealing your identity, we can keep it anonymous.

Anne and Jonathan’s story

Anne and Jonathan needed help when their daughter became a victim of bullying and harassment.

Bill and Ellen’s story

In June 2015 Bill and Ellen were both shot during a terrorist attack while on holiday in Tunisia.

David’s story

David was a victim in an elaborate £7 million con, which left him feeling ‘stupid and vulnerable’.

Issy’s story

Issy was attacked and verbally abused by her neighbour, just for her sexual orientation.

Juliet’s story

Juliet was targeted by professional scammers after a data breach.

Liam's story

Liam was randomly attacked while waiting at a taxi rank after a night out.

Phil’s story

We helped Phil after he was violently attacked and rushed to hospital for emergency, life-saving surgery.

Sue’s story

‘My daughter was raped, and if it wasn’t for Victim Support, I don’t know where I would be now. We were believed, and that means the world to me.’

Trevor and Sheila’s story

Trevor and Sheila’s daughter, Carly, was attacked and knocked unconscious by her boyfriend during a row. She died in hospital six days later.

Zara’s story

For six years, Zara was the victim of unrelenting antisocial behaviour by her neighbour.