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Victim Support is the only independent national charity providing emotional support and practical help to victims of crime, on a free and confidential basis. We are not part of the police or courts, and victims do not have to report the crime in order to receive our support. 


Your £150.00 donation will help us...

A child and her mother sitting outside a court room
  • Provide a specialist toolkit to help a volunteer working with a young or vulnerable witness. Volunteers often need to use specialist tools and techniques to communicate and gain the trust of these witnesses. For example, a toolkit might include a wooden court with figures that will help a volunteer explain to children of five or six years of age how a court works.

Your £50.00 donation will help us...

A woman smiling as she opens her front door
  • provide dusk till dawn lights for burglary or antisocial behaviour victims, helping to make them feel safer in their own home.

Your £25.00 donation will help us...

Young male child listening to an adult female
  • provide face-to-face support for a victim of crime by one of our highly trained volunteers. Most of the help we give to victims and witnesses is delivered through our teams of volunteers. Although volunteers give their time freely, we refund their expenses including travel and phone costs.

Your £9.00 donation will help us...

A woman with a headscarf talking to another woman
  • ensure the Supportline doesn’t miss a call from a rape victim who feels they have nowhere to turn.

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