Victims’ voice volunteer

Nobody understands the importance of support for victims better than the victims themselves. Our victims’ voice volunteers have a platform to share their own stories and influence change.

Victims’ voice volunteers share their personal experience of the effects of crime to help others and inform our work by:

  • Sharing a personal story for Victim Support to publish in the media or on our own website and/or social media platforms
  • Attending conferences/training to share your experience of being a victim of crime.


  • Being part of a panel of ‘experts by experience’ to advise on Victim Support’s work
  • Facilitating or being part of group conversations.
  1. Complete an ‘expression of interest’ form (a couple of minutes)
  2. We will be in touch as soon as possible
  3. Get started!
  • Basic learning briefing sheet
  • Information security video.

While mandatory training may be completed within approximately 30 minutes, other training relevant to the role may be available once you get started.