How your gift helps

Victim Support is the independent charity for people affected by crime in England and Wales. Last year we offered support to 814,000 people affected by crime, and our caseworkers and volunteers give emotional and practical help to anyone who needs it, regardless of the crime they have suffered.

We provide the Homicide Service, which helps people bereaved by murder or manslaughter, and run 231 local projects tackling domestic and sexual violence, antisocial behaviour and hate crime. Our teams work alongside young people affected by relationship abuse, bullying and gang issues, and we also deliver restorative justice and work with offenders to change their behaviours.

Our support is free and confidential, and continues for as long as it takes for people to recover from the impact of the crime they’ve experienced. But we cannot deliver these important services and support without the efforts of our fundraising teams, and donations from members of the public.

We want to support more people affected by crime, to enable them to cope with the devastating effects of crime in the future. With your support, we’ll be able to answer more telephone calls, train more specialist volunteers, and help even more people.

How your money is spent

Any donation you make is hugely appreciated, as it can make a real and vital difference to people’s lives. For example:

  • £25 could help keep a vulnerable burglary victim’s home safe in the future.
  • £50 could help us to provide safe, face-to-face support to a victim of domestic violence.
  • £200 could help us to support a child witness before, during and after a trial.
  • £500 could help us to give ongoing support to a family recently bereaved due to a violent crime.

You can also support our work with victims and witnesses by fundraising or taking part in one of our events.

Who we are

We are an independent charity that helps people affected by crime.

Since we were established over 40 years ago, we’ve grown to become the largest charity of our kind in the world, offering free and confidential practical and emotional support to just under one million people last year.

How we work

While we are a national charity, all of our services are managed and delivered on a community-led basis by local people.

Most of the face-to-face support we offer is delivered by our 1,200 professionally-trained volunteers, who help victims and witnesses, as well as their families and friends, to overcome the devastating impact of crime.

People we’ve helped

It was Victim Support that kept me sane by being there for us and helping. I get flashbacks about what we have been through but thanks to Victim Support, me and my wife are moving on from what has happened to us. — Victim of hate crime
Victim Support has been there for us 24/7, for the medicals, at the hospital, throughout court – there’s nothing I can do to thank them enough. My support worker has helped me through the tears and the anger – she’s been a life saver, and all the help has made us stronger. — Victim of sexual assault

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