Resources to support your child

There are lots of resources available to help you support your child if they’ve been affected by crime. If you’d like to find out more about the free resources we offer to help parents support their children, email the Victim Support Children and Young People Services team.

If you or someone you know would like support after crime, contact us for help.

Victim Support resources

Victim Support’s Children and Young People Services website pages

Our website pages enables children to find accurate and safe information about:

  • different types of crime
  • strategies to cope with the impact of crime
  • where to get support and how to move forward
  • navigating the court process and criminal justice system.

The website also includes our interactive courtroom tool.

Interactive courtroom

Our interactive courtroom tool helps you and your child understand what to expect if they are going to be a witness in court. The interactive courtroom allows young people to explore the court building, find out who’s who in court and look at special measures that might be in place for them. Professionals, such as intermediaries, often use this interactive courtroom as part of their support work.

Toolkit for parents

The activities in this booklet enable parents to work with their child to help them keep safe and reduce the likelihood of becoming a repeat victim of crime. Email us to find out more about our toolkit.

Young victims and witnesses

Online safety

  • thinkuknow – information to help parents protect their children from online abuse
  • Child Safety Online (pdf) – a practical guide for parents and carers whose children use social media
  • Net Aware – a guide for parents on the social networks that children and young people use


Healthy relationships

Child sexual abuse

Mental health

  • Parents Survival Guide – a Young Minds guide to help parents who are worried about their child’s mental health


Practical things you can do to support your child.

Help and support for young people experiencing crime.