Victim Support is an independent charity for people affected by crime. We operate across England and Wales; there are separate, but related, charities for victims and witnesses of crime in other parts of the UK. Our work is co-ordinated from our national support centre in London, but we are very much a community organisation, providing a way for people to do something positive about crime in their own community. With that in mind, we have designed ways for local people to be involved in the running of our charity.

We have around 1,100 staff across England and Wales. Much of their work is to support and guide our 1,600 volunteers who support people affected by crime.

As a community organisation, we take diversity and equal opportunities very seriously.

Victim Support is committed to setting and maintaining high standards of personal and professional practice, conduct and integrity. Our Code of Conduct clarifies the minimum standards, values and behaviours that are expected of every employee and volunteer.