As the leading victims’ charity in England and Wales and with more than 50 years’ experience of working with people affected by crime, we have a wealth of expertise in supporting victims, which we share through our training and development courses.

Our expert training can provide your organisation with the essential knowledge and skills to deliver a sensitive service to people whose lives have been affected by crime; to raise awareness or as part of a package of longer-term support.

Our trainers are qualified professionals, many of whom have been practitioners themselves and who bring a wealth of experience and depth to every course. They provide a safe and supportive learning environment which is interactive and engaging, providing plenty of opportunity for participants to work with other course attendees.

Victim Support has a long tradition of training our volunteers and staff to support the valuable work we do with victims of crime.

Our learning team is nationwide, so we can provide training wherever you need it, on your premises or at a venue of your choice. Depending on the size of the venue we can train up to 16 people on each course.

Working with our experienced course design team, you can arrange to have any of our advertised courses modified to suit your specific needs. To discuss your needs further please email us outlining what you are looking to achieve and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.
  • A series of courses for a large housing association in the South East. Following the murder of a resident, Victim Support worked with the association to ensure that their housing liaison officers had heightened awareness in order to recognise signs of domestic abuse in the future.
  • A project with a leading criminal justice agency aimed at giving their staff the skills to communicate effectively with witnesses as they go through the court system.

We have also had people from the following agencies attending our core and serious crime training:

  • The American Embassy
  • Jewish Women’s Aid
  • Galop
  • Council for Racial Equality (Nottingham)
To find out more about any of our courses or bespoke training, please email us.

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