Quality policy

Victim Support adopts an unrelenting focus on quality. Our review and learn culture of continual improvement, is informed by our users, funder requirement, knowledge and evidence. We put victims at the heart of our organisation, whether or not they report crime, and our support and campaigns are informed and shaped by them.

We clearly define our support so that service users know what to expect and provide confidential and independent support to anyone affected by crime and trauma. As everyone’s needs are different, our support is person-focused, and we listen with compassion to help people to achieve their rights and entitlements, find ways to manage their feelings, to feel safer, and build their resilience and support networks.

VS invests in our staff and volunteers to enable them to deliver the right support at the right time in the right way to people who need our help. Our service model provides staff and volunteers with a clear framework for support, evidence-based resources, training, and ongoing support so that they develop the necessary competencies. This allows them to deliver safe and effective, high-quality services that are culturally informed and trauma aware. We prioritise staff and volunteer engagement and development, treating our people compassionately as they respond to complex needs and traumatic events.

Our continual improvement approach ensures delivery of our contractual and legal requirements, and our national operating standards. VS’s senior management team lead, own, communicate and embed this policy and approach, ensuring that all staff and volunteers are aware of it. By operating robust review of our processes, ensuring that they are controlled and monitored we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our service delivery and support services activities, and ensure that we improve outcomes for victims, and foster innovation.

VS quality policy