Fraud and cybercrime

If you’re a victim of fraud or working with victims of fraud, here’s some information about how Victim Support can help.

Every day, we see the devastation and misery that’s the inevitable outcome of fraud. Some victims want their money back, others have had their trust and confidence destroyed.

While the financial loss will be important, the impact on someone’s daily life can be far reaching and long lasting. Coming to terms with fraud, as with any other crime, can be a very long process for victims. At Victim Support we work directly with victims and with other agencies to help take away the stigma that’s often attached to fraud. We also want to give victims the confidence to report, knowing they are not alone and will be taken seriously.

We can’t directly compensate the financial loss. However, we can work with victims to understand what options they have, and whether they may be able to get a reimbursement from their bank.

We work closely with Action Fraud, Trading Standards, Age UK and others to help combat fraud and support those who experience it. We also work to ensure that people who experience fraud can protect themselves against experiencing it again.

Victim Support actively supports the ‘Prevent and Protect’ government policy and plays an important role combating fraud, ensuring that the victim’s voice is heard at the highest level in government through our membership of the Joint Fraud Taskforce (JFT).

The JFT brings together the government, law enforcement and the banking sector to tackle fraud, raising awareness of the threats, removing the weak links in the systems and working to provide victims with the support they need and the respect they deserve.

We are the oldest victims’ charity in the world, with nearly 50 years’ experience of supporting and working with people affected by crime.

We are a trusted partner and work closely with local organisations and communities, local and national agencies, local and national government, and other third-sector organisations to deliver effective, victim-centred services that give people the support they need to move beyond the impact of crime.

Our knowledge and understanding of the fraud environment and the engagement, expertise and influence we bring to this means we’re the third sector partner of choice in supporting victims of fraud.

Our support is free, independent and confidential.

If you’ve been affected by fraud and would like information or support, you can get in touch by:

If English is not your first language and you’d like support, call our Supportline and let us know which language you speak. We will call you back with an interpreter as soon as possible. We also welcome calls via Relay UK and SignLive (BSL).

If you want to know more about fraud, you can visit our fraud page.