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Expertise and credentials

Victim Support (VS) is the independent charity for people affected by crime in England and Wales, and the largest charity specialising in domestic violence. Our depth and breadth of expertise gives us a unique perspective which sets us apart and enables us to deliver a range of services that no other organisation could deliver. 

We work locally to support those affected by crime and campaign nationally to put their needs first. We sit on the Board of Victim Support Europe and have an active presence within government and relevant bodies to ensure that the voices of victims are heard.

In 2016-17, 97% of victims we worked with were satisfied with the support we gave them. We offered support to 814,000 people affected by crime, including:

  • 152,000 people impacted by violent crime
  • 106,000 victims who were deemed vulnerable
  • 91,000 victims of domestic abuse
  • 11,000 victims of hate crime. 

What we do

VS provides a free and confidential service that offers emotional support and practical help to people affected by crime in England and Wales. We also provide many specialist services across different crime types including: antisocial behaviour; domestic and sexual violence; hate crime; fraud; cyber crime and tailored support for children and young people. We run the national Homicide Service and the national Supportline for people affected by crime across England and Wales. 

We pride ourselves on the local support we deliver in communities across England and Wales. Our experience gives us a unique understanding of the impact crime has on victims, their families and their wider communities. We have used this knowledge to create a range of services that put the victim’s voice at the heart of offender rehabilitation to help reduce reoffending for adults and young people alike. This includes restorative justice programmes that deliver a victim-centred approach, victim awareness courses for low-level offenders and victim empathy training for staff. 

Our customers include:

  • Local authorities
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Housing associations
  • NHS commissioning groups
  • Central government
  • Police and crime commissioners
  • Probation Service

VS also work collaboratively with public, private and third-sector organisations to deliver projects and services to communities across England and Wales. In 2015-16 alone, we delivered 231 specialist projects and initiatives, ranging from support for victims of historic child sexual exploitation, hate crime and antisocial behaviour, services for children and young people, support for LGBT victims of domestic abuse, and restorative justice services.

We are also active in Europe and internationally, having set up dedicated national helplines after the terrorist attacks in Tunisia and Paris. 


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