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Board of Trustees

The Board has 12 members who have either been elected or recruited — usually for their specific skills or experience. All our trustees are appointed for three years and generally cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. The Board normally meets six times a year, but may meet more often if necessary.

To find out more about what the Board does you can read the terms of reference. Trustees are all legally our company members and can vote at our annual general meeting, normally held in the autumn.

Kathryn Adkins

Kathryn is a chartered accountant with substantial experience in the third sector, having previously worked at national charities including Cancer Research UK and Comic Relief.

Kathryn is currently setting up a business to support charities, giving assurance to Boards on their financial management and sustainability by enabling organisations to improve their financial processes, planning and reporting. She is also the co-leader of the Manchester branch of the Women’s Equality Party.

Imran Ahmed

Christopher Digby-Bell

Andrew Edwards

Richard Goodenough-Bayly

Roger Harding

Les Mosco

Geoff Pollard

Amy Mary Rose Herring

Lianne Smith

Andrew Tivey (Chair)

Moyna Wilkinson

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