Lizzie’s story

Lizzie is a Victim Support volunteer in Sussex. Here, she explains what being a volunteer means to her and what she thinks is special about volunteering with Victim Support.

I have been volunteering with Victim Support for a number of years. I am a Case Worker, which means I have been trained to offer emotional and practical support to people who have been affected by crime or traumatic incidents. This can be anything from burglary through to serious crime or supporting those affected by murder or manslaughter.

One of the (many!) reasons I find volunteering with Victim Support so fulfilling is the sense of achievement I gain from knowing I am part of one of the world’s leading independent charities that offer emotional and practical support to people affected by crime. Just as importantly, as a volunteer I know that I am valued as highly as an employee, which means a great deal.

Victim Support is an incredibly positive and proactive organisation to volunteer with, and the quality of training is to the very highest standard. I cannot praise this aspect highly enough. As someone who has volunteered for many organisations over the years, I can honestly say the training we receive is second to none. It effectively equips and instills confidence in us to offer highly skilled support to those affected by crime or traumatic incidents.

I like the way that no two days are the same with Victim Support – each and every case is different, and it’s therefore necessary to draw on sound training and expertise to enable me to support our clients effectively. Crime affects people on so many levels, very often with life changing consequences. But to witness someone in the depths of despair, eventually being able to see beyond the crime is, I feel, a privilege. There’s always something new to learn because Victim Support carries out extensive research, and is a world leader in this type of support. As a volunteer I always feel equipped to offer support both emotionally and practically.

Before applying to volunteer with Victim Support there was one particular aspect that was essential to me – supervision and support. I need not have worried; support is there every step of the way, whether you have been volunteering for many years, or just starting out. Although much of my role is working independently, there are still many opportunities to meet with fellow volunteers and staff.

So, if you are looking for a volunteering position where you want to make a big difference, while gaining great skills and training and meeting the greatest bunch of folks ever, look no further!

If you’d like to volunteer for Victim Support like Lizzie, find out how to get involved on our volunteering pages.