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Nottinghamshire Victim Care run victims’ services in Nottinghashire. Call 0800 304 7575 or visit their website.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, and Saturdays 9am-5pm.

Last year we offered immediate support to more than 21,000 people affected by crime in Nottinghamshire, and gave in-depth support to over 2,600 people.

Pat and Robert experienced antisocial behaviour from their next door neighbour for three years.

Antisocial behaviour takes over your existence. We live in a little semi-detached house and it was just a few inches through the wall – a brick away. The minute we’d turn into the corner of our street, we’d feel ourselves tightening up because of the stress of coming back to the situation. The day-to-day things our neighbour was doing may have seemed trivial or minor. Some of them may have seemed almost laughable – but only if you weren’t experiencing it for yourself, day after day, night after night. You lose sleep and it affects your relationship with your partner because you can’t agree on how to deal with it. It grinds you down.

When we first got involved with Victim Support, we didn’t realise just how significant their help was going to be. Our Victim Support worker Tim was a wonderful gentleman in his fifties. I think the most important thing was that he took the time to listen to us. He would stay with us for at least an hour – plenty of time for a cup of tea and a good talk. It relieved a lot of pressure.

After our first meeting, he left us feeling so much lighter and happier than when he had knocked on the door. Tim helped us feel normal again. We talked about everyday things like our shared interests, our families, things in the news. Tim has a great sense of humour and we always had a laugh together. It gave us a sense of perspective, helping us remember that normal life did still exist beyond the horror we were experiencing. Tim helped bring back everyday enjoyment to our lives, balancing out the constant stress we were under because of our neighbour.

The sense of continuity we had from Tim was very important. The council and the police also gave us excellent support, but we would often be dealing with different people and it could feel disjointed. We really valued the consistency Tim gave us and the feeling that we were important to somebody. He took more than just an official interest in us – he gave his all, playing a tremendous part in healing all the horror. He was heroic. We feel so lucky to have had him.

When you’ve received something, you want to give something back. So we recommend Victim Support whenever we can, and we’ve taken part in police seminars and a training video to help improve police officers’ skills in interacting with victims. It’s nice to think that by doing this, we might help other victims in the future. We’ve had a happy ending. We have wonderful neighbours now and we feel very fortunate. But from speaking to lots of people, we’ve learnt that antisocial behaviour is everywhere – it’s not a rare occurrence. It’s so important that an organisation like Victim Support exists to give people the kind of exceptional, personal support that Tim gave us.

We work with a number of partner organisations in Nottinghamshire to make sure you get the support you need.

Find out more about some of the services and organisations we work with:

Juno offers a free, confidential service to women and their children experiencing or escaping domestic abuse in Nottinghamshire and the region, including access to secure refuge provision.

NRCC aims to support survivors of any kind of sexual violence.

ISAS is a Nottinghamshire-based charity providing face-to-face, telephone and group counselling to adult male and female survivors of childhood sexual abuse, their partners and family members, throughout the country.

Remedi provides restorative justice solutions, enabling victims of crime to correspond or meet with their offender should they wish to. Remedi provides an opportunity for you to ask questions of the offender and get an apology, in a safe environment.