Trevor and Sheila’s daughter, Carly, was attacked and knocked unconscious by her boyfriend during a row. She never regained consciousness and died in hospital six days later.

The police uncovered the boyfriend’s involvement and he was eventually convicted of manslaughter.

Sheila said:

I went to Victim Support after it happened and had over 12 solid months of counselling.

I can’t thank Victim Support enough. It was vital for me. If I had not had counselling I would not be here now — I just wanted to die.

The counsellor got me through it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for some people it’s lifesaving.

We set up the Carly Fund to raise money for counselling services. We’ve had a lot of help from some Victim Support staff with it. It means Carly didn’t die in vain.

She’ll always be remembered and even though she’s not here in body, she’s helping people.

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