Mental health and wellbeing

We know that everyone reacts differently to crime. How you react can depend on a lot of different factors. We empower people to understand their reactions and the choices available to them.

Here in North Wales we have a dedicated mental health and wellbeing caseworker. They understand that being a victim of crime can impact a person’s mental health in a variety of ways including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar and personality disorders, and psychosis.

Our specialist caseworker is here to support victims of crime when their mental health has been impacted, either temporarily or long term by the crime. Our support can help you cope and get to a point where you feel your life is back on track again.

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Our caseworker works in partnership with local mental health teams, GP surgeries, other third sector organisations, and our core service delivery team to provide a triage service package.

We can also help with practical tasks such as support with filling in forms, sending out security items and contacting other criminal justice agencies on your behalf.

If your mental health has been impacted by a crime then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the support we can offer.

You can also visit the following links for additional support:

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If you’ve been affected by crime in North Wales, call us on 0300 303 0159.

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