Yesterday, serving Metropolitan Police officer, David Carrick pleaded guilty to multiple rape and sexual offences against at least 12 women, over two decades. Responding to the plea, Diana Fawcett, Chief Executive at Victim Support said:

“The crimes committed by David Carrick, a serving Metropolitan Police Officer, are plainly abhorrent. That he was able to carry them out over two decades, while serving in the force – despite nine separate complaints raised against him – represents a systemic failing on behalf of the Met. Such failings are all too familiar. While it is positive that the Metropolitan Police Chief acknowledges the scale of this issue, this case will be yet another crushing blow to Londoners and women across the country.

“The public needs to have absolute certainty that those who are supposed to serve and protect them are not themselves abusers. At the moment they do not have that.

This case also highlights the vital role of independent support services like the ones provided by Victim Support and other sexual and domestic abuse charities. In many parts of the country these essential services have been axed and are now being provided by the police themselves – despite plummeting levels of trust and confidence. Victims must have access to help from organisations that are independent of the police.”

Anyone experiencing sexual abuse, including survivors of past abuse, can get help from Victim Support – regardless of whether or not it’s been reported to the police. You can get in touch via live chat or by calling our 24/7 Supportline on 08 08 16 89 111.