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Sara, 13, was out with her mum when her house was burgled. Money, jewellery and electronic equipment were all stolen.

Sara's experience

Watch the film clip to see how Sara copes with:

  • Losing her confidence after crime
  • Getting back into school


What happened?

Sara and her mum returned home to find their window broken, furniture smashed and valuables gone, including some of Sara’s belongings like her laptop. Sara could clearly see the burglar had entered through the window and was scared to even go back into the house.

How did Sara feel?

Although Sara did not witness the burglary, she was very anxious and upset to find someone had been through her things. She worried about her own safety; she didn’t want to be in her house but she didn’t want to go out either. Sara became quiet at school, started avoiding her friends and didn’t want to talk about it because she felt she was being stupid

How did You & Co help?

Having a young victim’s worker to talk to was really important for Sara. At first she felt like she couldn’t talk about the burglary with her mum. The young victim’s worker helped Sara develop a safety plan, to help her look at who she could call in an emergency or if she just needed to talk, as well as ways to stay safe when travelling to and from school. Small things, such as putting locks on the windows also really helped Sara feel safer.

At first, school didn’t know what had happened to Sara so could not understand why she had gone so quiet in class. Her young victim’s worker met with the school and they arranged for a teacher that Sara could talk to if she needed. They also helped her build her confidence back up by getting her involved in some after school activities, so she could start socialising with her friends again. 

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