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Fair Processing Notice – Employees

We hold personal information about all of our employees for employee administration and general management purposes. From time to time, we will ask you to provide personal information for these purposes. In particular, the information will enable us to administer employee benefits, the payroll system, expenses, holiday, sickness and other absence records, carry out one to ones and performance appraisals, training records, salary reviews, to operate our communications systems and to comply generally with our legal obligations before, during and after your employment.

We may use a finger or thumb scan to aid recording which VS individuals are in an office. This does not take a full finger/thumb print and is therefore not biometric data.

Occasionally, the information we hold may include sensitive data relating to your health and data held for equal opportunities monitoring purposes. Since we require all these details from you in order to carry out all the above objectives, you are obliged to provide the necessary information. It is however appreciated that you may consider some information to be particularly sensitive, and you will be informed when replies are not obligatory.

Victim Support will from time to time need to make some of the information available to legal and regulatory authorities (such as to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), to accountants, auditors, lawyers, other outside professional advisers and business contacts, and to other parties which provide products or services to Victim Support (such as IT systems suppliers, and pension and benefits administrators).

Your data will be retained in alignment with Victim Support’s data retention policy. With the exception of pension records which will be retained for 7 years after the death of the beneficiary, all human resources data will be deleted 6 years after you leave Victim Support unless we are required to do otherwise for any statutory purpose. All payroll data will be deleted 7 years after you have left Victim Support.

From time to time we use Survey Monkey and similar tools for carrying out surveys and communicating with you that may collect personal data relating to you. Data entered on some of these tools may go outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

By law you have certain rights of access and rectification in respect of the personal information Victim Support holds about you.

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