In October 1980, after a night out with friends planning her 21st birthday party, Leeds University art student Mo Lea was brutally attacked by Peter Sutcliffe, who later became known as the Yorkshire Ripper.

Filmmaker Roberto Duque has been working with Mo to document a major step in her journey to recovery. You can watch the video below (via YouTube).

Sutcliffe had attacked Mo with a hammer, striking multiple blows to her head and then driving a screwdriver into her neck, narrowly missing her spinal chord. She was left with a fractured cheekbone, skull and a broken jaw.

It was only weeks later when Mo was recovering at her parents’ house that she realised the true identity of her attacker was as she watched footage of his arrest on the news. Mo not only had to deal with her devastating physical injuries, but also the emotional and psychological impact of the attack.

Since then, and until now, Mo has used her art as therapeutic outlet for all of these complicated emotions she has been left to deal with.

Mo is encouraging donations to Victim Support. Text SUPPORT to 70300 to donate £3.

If you’ve been affected by a crime – no matter when it happened – Victim Support can help.