This summer Vicki ran the Birmingham Marathon for Victim Support, raising over £2,500.

We spoke to her about her motivation for taking part, and asked for her top training tips for runners preparing for an event.

Well done on completing the Birmingham Marathon, Vicki! What was your motivation for taking part in the event for Victim Support?

After receiving the tragic news that my sister-in-law had been killed in France in March this year, Victim Support were incredible in supporting my family.

I wanted to raise as much money as I could to ensure that other families can get the same support our family received in these tragic circumstances.

You set the bar high — why did you choose a marathon?

I’m very competitive and love sport! I’ve always wanted to run a marathon.

Steph was a keen runner, so I know she would have been very proud of me running a marathon.

How did you prepare for the marathon, and what advice would you give to others?

I actually downloaded a running app on my phone and followed the marathon training plan for 31 weeks. It was very tough but it really worked as I ran the marathon in a faster time than the app thought I was going to do.

Keep following the programme and make sure you buy a proper pair of running trainers. I had been running in a very old pair and injured my foot the week before!

What are your three top training tips for other runners preparing for an event?

1. Make sure you follow a marathon training program. They say you have to run at least 17-20 miles before the big day — I ran 20 miles two weeks before.

2. Buy a proper pair of running trainers. Go to a shop where they have a running machine — they analyse how you run and fit trainers to your running style. I did this a week before my race, which was cutting it very fine but they were amazing!

3. Load up on carbs the night before. My husband cooked me a huge bowl of pesto pasta and I packed lots of energy gels and sweets for the big run. Also, download a playlist with your favourite tunes!

Would you recommend doing a fundraising challenge for Victim Support?

Yes, I would recommend raising money for such a worthwhile charity and I will definitely raise more money for Victim Support again.

Just to know other families will receive the support ours did really motivated me on the big day.

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