The Ministry of Justice announced that courts are to get unlimited Government funds for sittings to help reduce the backlog of cases, a report by The Telegraph revealed.

Diana Fawcett, Chief Executive at independent charity Victim Support, said: “We warmly welcome the Ministry of Justice’s announcement that courts will greatly increase the number of sitting days to address the huge backlog of cases.

“We have long been concerned about delays in the justice system, which have been a major problem since before the pandemic began. We have been supporting victims who have been waiting for their cases to be heard in court for up to four years, which has been an unacceptable and distressing experience for them. Long waits for trials have damaging effects on victims’ mental health and wellbeing, and it leaves them in limbo for far too long and undermines their confidence in the criminal justice system.

“We hope that today’s announcement will improve access to justice and we urge the government to continue taking all possible steps to address the serious backlog and ensure victims get the justice they deserve.”


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