Victim Support has launched a manifesto for victims and witnesses of crime which outlines eight proposals to improve their experience of the criminal justice system.

We believe that victims and witnesses of crime are not getting a fair deal from the criminal justice system. Too often victims find the justice system unresponsive to their needs, confusing and upsetting. At worst, navigating the criminal justice system can feel like being victimised again.

We have drawn on over 40 years of experience working with thousands of victims and witnesses to compile a list of eight key changes we would like to see introduced early in the next parliament as part of a Victims Law.

Those eight changes are:

  • a single complaints system for victims of crime
  • a more powerful Victims’ Commissioner
  • better communication with victims about the outcomes of their case
  • court-compensation to be paid immediately
  • trained intermediaries to be available for all child witnesses
  • no child to be obliged to enter a court building to give evidence
  • pre-trial therapy for all victims of sexual crimes
  • a national strategy for victims with mental health issues.

The aim of this manifesto is to get all political parties as well as those who work with or on behalf of victims and witnesses to make these proposals a reality.

Mark Castle, Chief Executive of Victim Support, said: “Victims and witnesses need and deserve a better deal from the criminal justice system and our manifesto, launched today, sets out eight simple proposals to achieve that. We’re urging all political parties to commit to implementing these changes as part of a Victims Law”.


Victim Support Manifesto – Making a Victims Law a Reality.pdf 469 kB