Supporter – campaign materials

Downloadable resources for external organisations to use who’d like to support our work. If you have any queries about the content below, please fill in our feedback form.

The Victims’ Code was last updated in April 2021. Focusing on victims’ rights, it sets out the minimum standard that organisations must provide to victims of crime.

Our social media campaign will be focusing on each of the rights in detail between 18-29 October. We will be highlighting one right per day for twelve days,  starting with an overview of all rights and right one on Monday 18 October.

Join in

If you’d like to take part in the social media campaign, you are welcome to use any of our assets produced for Instagram/Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have to use all of them, and can select the rights which are most relevant to your service provision.

If you just want to reflect the 12 rights, we have an overview of all 12 rights for Facebook/Instagram and Twitter.

We’re asking any organisations who want to take part to use the hashtag #VictimsRights.