We are offering support to anyone who has witnessed or been affected by the terror incident in Westminster yesterday (Wednesday 22 March 2017).

Our free Supportline is currently running 24/7.

Call 08 08 16 89 111 to access support or email our Supportline.

We support victims and those bereaved by terrorist activity, home and abroad.

From our experience of supporting victims of terrorism we also know witnesses and the wider public are affected by these traumatic incidents. Often it is days, weeks or even months afterwards that people feel the emotional impact of witnessing a terrorist incident.

Victim Support is here no matter when or where an incident took place.

Our colleagues at Foundation for Peace and British Red Cross also have information about the different support available.

We also know many foreign nationals were impacted by this and we will be offering support to all affected.

For more information about support in countries outside the UK, please visit the Victim Support Europe website.