Following the knife attack on Streatham High Road on 2 February 2020, we are urging anyone affected to get in touch for free and confidential support.

Caroline Birkett, Head of London Victim and Witness Services at Victim Support, said:

If you witness a traumatic incident, it can have a significant impact on your mental health regardless of whether or not you are physically injured. Many witnesses to serious incidents may suffer from sleeplessness and anxiety in the time after the attack. Similar events in the news may cause people to feel like they are living through the incident all over again.

We urge anybody affected by the Streatham attack, or any other terror incident, to access our confidential, 24-hour Supportline (08 08 16 89 111). It’s never too late to reach out for support after a crime, regardless of how long ago an incident took place.”

Any victim or witness of the terror attack can access free, confidential support through our 24-hour Supportline (08 08 16 89 111) or via our website.