VS responds to the Women and Equalities Committee report via Huffington Post

13 September 2016

Amanda Naylor, Senior Manager for Children and Young People at the independent charity Victim Support said:

“These findings highlight that there is still some way to go in preventing further victims of sexual harassment in schools. We know from supporting thousands of young people that at least six children in every class of 30 pupils* will have either experienced or witnessed crime. With many of these children going undetected and unsupported, because they feel unable to tell an adult about their experience.

“We believe strong preventative programmes at schools, colleges and community spaces are key to tackling crimes like sexual harassment within schools. Safety strategies inform young people, highlight their rights and also increase the chances of them seeking help.

“You & Co is Victim Support’s programme for children and young people, working to keep children safe from all types of abuse and crime. Our latest programme ‘Switched On’ has been developed with input from children and teachers, providing young people with necessary life skills.”


Notes to editors

*Suffering in silence, 2014

You & Co is Victim Support’s youth programme and helps young people cope with the impact and effects of crime. Young people and teachers can find out more information through the interactive and informative website here: http://www.youandco.org.uk/

Our most recent You & Co programme ‘Switched On’ enables schools to help children develop the five safety strategies they need to transition into adult life positively:
•    Survival signs
•    Support network
•    Safety planning
•    Self-esteem
•    Strategies to cope

Between 2013 and 2016 Victim Support has worked with over 12,000 children in schools aged 11 – 18 years. Delivering preventative programmes and supporting young people who have been victims of a wide range of crimes.

Of the 12,134 young people supported:

•    6,795 were young women
•    61% (4,145) young women reported sexual harassment incidents
•    1,674 young women reported incidents that met the definition of sexual assault from peers – either within the school environment or in the vicinity of the school environment
•    3987 young women reported being sent non-requested online pornography or intimate pictures of body parts (sexting)
•    1896 young people were identified as having experienced attempted grooming online