VS responds to Sunday Times FOI stats into online crime

26 August 2016

Lucy Hastings, Director at independent charity Victim Support, said:

“Crimes committed online are just as serious as any other type of crime, and they can have a devastating and long lasting impact on people’s lives.

“We know that online crime is hugely under-reported, which means thousands of victims continue to suffer in silence. Agencies need to work together to raise awareness of this type of crime and the support that’s available to people who fall victim to it.

“Victims need to have confidence that if they choose to report an online crime, they will be taken seriously and any investigative leads will be explored giving them the best chance at getting the justice they deserve. Comprehensive police training is essential to achieving this.”


Notes to editor 
Victim Support’s specially trained staff and volunteers offer free, confidential information and support to anyone affected by crime – regardless of when a crime took place or if the police are involved. Call our Supportline team on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit victimsupport.org.uk to find out how we can help.