VS responds to reports into sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall at BBC

25 February 2016

Independent charity Victim Support responds to reports by Dame Janet Smith DBE and Dame Linda Dobbs DBE into sexual abuse committed by Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall at the BBC.

Lesley McLean, Manager at independent charity Victim Support which has supported many of Savile and Hall’s victims, said:

“It is deeply disturbing to learn of the many missed opportunities by the BBC to stop Savile and Hall’s appalling behaviour – these vulnerable victims could and should have been protected.

“The reports highlight how vital it is that victims have the confidence to speak up knowing they will be believed, taken seriously and offered support. It took immense courage for Savile and Hall’s victims to come forward and contribute to this review.

“Victim Support is directly helping many of these victims, along with thousands of other victims of sexual abuse. These crimes have a devastating and long lasting impact on victims’ lives so it is crucial that victims know where to turn to for help.”


Notes to editor

Regardless of whether or not a crime has been reported, independent charity Victim Support can help. Our specially trained staff and volunteers offer free and confidential emotional help and practical support to anyone affected by crime. Call our Supportline team on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit our website www.victimsupport.org.uk.