VS responds to changes to Sentencing Council robbery guidelines

27 June 2016

Victim Support responds to changes by the Sentencing Council to robbery sentencing guidelines, which place greater emphasis on the harm caused to victims.

Lucy Hastings, Director at independent charity Victim Support, says:

“As a charity that supports thousands of robbery victims every year, we see the fear and distress such an experience can cause, and the lasting effect it can have on a person’s life. We therefore welcome the fact that these revised guidelines place a greater emphasis on the harm caused to victims, rather than the value of the goods stolen.

“One of the most powerful ways for a court to hear the impact of a crime is a Victims’ Personal Statement. It is a cause for concern that many victims are not offered the chance to make such a statement and we would urge all criminal justice agencies to ensure that a victim’s right to do so is made clear to them.”