VS welcomes funding from the Ministry of Justice to expand online support

23 April 2020

Victim Support welcomes funding from the Ministry of Justice to expand our online support to every region of England and Wales. Now, more than ever, those affected by crime need to be able to access support services remotely.

From 6pm tomorrow, the online services available to victims of crime will include live chat, a 24/7 online facility where people can access practical and emotional help. Support needs for victims of crime such as those suffering hate crime, fraud and domestic abuse, is growing. We are pleased that this vital service will now be available to everyone, regardless of where they live. We know that for victims of crime who are self-isolating with their abusers, whether they are partners or family members, live chat is an important way for them to access practical and emotional support discreetly.

Victim Support’s new online resource for coping with the impact of crime, My Support Space, will be made available from Friday 1 May 2020. At this time many victims of crime will be worried or may understandably find certain aspects of day-to-day life more challenging. That’s why we will also be making My Support Space, an online platform containing interactive guides, tips and videos, available to everyone in England and Wales. My Support Space includes topics such as difficult emotions, coping strategies, trauma and sleep. These are all common issues that people may experience after crime, but may be intensified during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Executive of Victim Support, Diana Fawcett, said:

We welcome funding from the Ministry of Justice to expand our online support services to every region of England and Wales, during a period which will be very difficult for victims of crime.

Our message to victims is very clear. Our trained supporters are here to offer you free and confidential support. It doesn’t matter where you live, what type of crime you have experienced, when it happened, whether you want support in the day or at night, or if you have reported the crime to the police. Victim Support is here to support you.”

Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales Dame Vera Baird said: 

Many local victims’ services have live chat already, and others are quickly getting it to meet the very need which Victim Support will now be able to help with. We know it is likely to be much harder for victims to telephone for help during lockdown, since their abuser maybe in the home with them. Now Victim Support can respond to victims online wherever they live. That will provide nationwide cover for every victim immediately and is very welcome. It may also give other victims’ service providers who don’t already have this live chat facility time to initiate it if they think they should do so locally.”

If you have been affected by crime, you can contact Victim Support through our website (www.victimsupport.org.uk) or Supportline (08 08 16 89 111) for free and confidential advice, 24/7.

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Victim Support Press Office (Maya.Esslemont@victimsupport.org.uk / 02072680202)


1. Live chat Victim Support’s 24/7 online support service. As of 6pm tomorrow it will available to all victims of crime in England and Wales. Visit www.victimsupport.org.uk/live-chat

2. Victim Support runs a free and confidential Supportline allowing victims to access support 24/7. This can be reached on 08 08 16 89 111.

3. My Support Space is an online platform containing interactive guides, tips and videos. This service will be available for all victims of crime in England and Wales on Friday 1 May 2020. Find out more about My Support Space by watching this short animation.