Government consultation on proposed changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

16 July 2020

The government has today launched a consultation on proposed changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. The Scheme is designed to compensate victims of violent crime and is administered by CICA.

Responding to the consultation Diana Fawcett, Chief Executive of Victim Support, said:

We have long called for a full review of criminal injuries compensation and we are pleased that the government is consulting on making long awaited changes. We welcome that the ‘same roof rule’ is being fully abolished, but there are areas where we urge the government to go further. In particular the government must address the unfair rule which refuses pay-outs to victims and survivors of serious crimes, such as child sexual abuse, for having convictions for unrelated offences, including minor incidents.

“Victims and survivors are often targeted because they are vulnerable or lack support, and their convictions may be committed as part of the abuse or as a result. It is unjust that so many of these survivors are being denied the compensation they deserve, and this must change.”