Personal information relating to donors/sponsors

Victim Support processes personal information relating to donors/sponsors including:

  • Details of any direct debits to Victim Support set up
  • Details of any donations donors have made.

Such information is only used for administration purposes such as to confirm a donation has been received, to confirm that you have declared a donation is eligible for Gift Aid (if applicable) and to check details with you in the case of a failed or rejected donation (if applicable).

We will otherwise only contact you where you have opted to receive further updates from Victim Support.

Card details, bank details and text-to-donate personal information are processed by a third party provider called RSM2000. Card details and bank details are entered on a separate portal from our website and are not processed by Victim Support. In the case of text-to-donate personal information, Victim Support can only access applicable mobile numbers via a secure portal, and has no access to donor names. These mobile numbers are not processed or stored by Victim Support and are only included in regular reports sent to us by RSM2000 to allow Victim Support to look at things like repeat/regular donations.