Last month we ran a competition on our website to celebrate the launch of our Christmas gift shop.

Julia is the lucky winner of our festive prize give-away, and she’s shared some of her own Christmas tips below.

Congratulations, Julia! How do you feel about winning our Christmas competition?

A little bit shocked and very, very happy. It’s such a good collection of prizes to win.

What made you enter this competition, and have you ever won a competition before?

I was reading through your news section and saw the competition. I had to enter when I saw the prizes! I’ve won a couple of smaller competitions before, but not in a long time.

I’ll enjoy some of the prizes myself and give one or two to family. I think I’m most excited about the jigsaw puzzle — it’s a Christmas tradition to do one every year.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Just one? It’s tough to choose a favourite, but the food at Christmas is definitely a highlight.

We try to make a lot of the food ourselves — from the Christmas cake to the chutneys and preserves.

Do you have any tips on making Christmas special?

Make some Christmas traditions of your own — it doesn’t have to be anything grand.

One of ours is to make some mulled cider to drink on Christmas Eve whilst watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. It’s something personal that you and your family and friends can look forward to every Christmas.

Has winning this competition made you more likely to visit our online shop?

Yes, absolutely. There’s a great range of items available on your online shop, and I will definitely visit it again, most likely very soon.

What does Victim Support mean to you?

It means that there is always someone to care. It’s comforting knowing that Victim Support is there for anyone who needs help.

Visit Victim Support’s online Christmas shop to choose from a range of festive gifts. A proportion of each sale will go back into our charity, helping victims move beyond the impact of crime.