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Personal alarms and tracking devices

Footprint tracking device

OwnFone Footprint is a wearable personal alarm device with GPS and GSM/GPRS technology.

It can be used to protect and communicate with vulnerable people or for groups such as lone workers and mobile nursing staff. Its main aim is to provide security and peace of mind, by giving location information and by the use of the single button to raise an alarm.

Buy a FootPrint personal alarm and tracking device from VS Trading.

The OwnFone microsite is not currently fully accessible. This issue should be fixed within the next 12 months, however, if you have difficulty using the site, please email us and someone can assist you. 

Who might want a Footprint from Victim Support?

  • Parents buying for younger children or children with complex needs.
  • People experiencing domestic abuse, stalking, harassment or others in vulnerable circumstances.
  • Lone workers or mobile staff who work with vulnerable people.
  • People who want to feel reassured that their loved ones are safe.

Ownfone Footprint can also make and receive calls and is used by many local authorities and police forces. If you would like to find out how Footprint could work for your organisation, please email us.


Why choose the Footprint from Victim Support?

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