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Mobile phones

Mobile phones by OwnFone

OwnFone offers a select range of mobile phones — specifically designed for children who don’t need a full smart phone, so you can stay in contact with them at all times.

The OwnFone handset is simple, personalised and only makes phone calls to the pre-programmed numbers/pictures. 

Buy an Ownfone handset from Victim Support.

The OwnFone microsite is not currently fully accessible. This issue should be fixed within the next 12 months, however, if you have difficulty using the site, please email us and someone can assist you.

Who might want an Ownfone from Victim Support?

  • Parents buying for younger children or children with complex needs.
  • Young carers who want to take an approved phone into school.
  • Those who work with vulnerable people (for example, in nurseries, schools or care homes) where a standard mobile is not approved.
  •  People who want to feel reassured that their loved ones are safe.

Why choose the Ownfone from Victim Support?

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