By Diana Fawcett, Chief Officer

As we approach the anniversary of the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attacks, we remember the eight people killed, their friends and families, those who were injured, and the hundreds of people who witnessed the events of that evening.

There are many differences between these attacks and the Manchester Arena bombing – and the public response and media interest has also been very different. However, for those who lost loved ones that day, those who were harmed or who witnessed the horrific incidents that took place, the impact is not lessened in any way. For many, it has been life-changing.

Victim Support has provided information and support to around 300 people affected by the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks. We are still supporting survivors and witnesses today and continue to receive new requests for support – as recently as last week.

Events such as anniversaries can be extremely difficult. Victim Support staff and volunteers will be in Southwark Cathedral and the surrounding grounds during the private commemoration service to support those who need it. We’ll also have staff and volunteers at London Bridge where people will be leaving flowers and paying their respects.

We know that there will be people out there who haven’t yet sought support. If you need help, please remember it isn’t too late to get in touch. Similarly, if you’ve have received support but need a bit of extra help at this difficult time, please give Victim Support a call free on 08 08 16 89 111, or get in touch online.