In the 25 days following the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London Bridge, Victim Support has seen a huge rise in the number of people seeking support after experiencing a race hate crime.

Comparing data for the 25 days leading up to the Manchester Arena bomb attack and the 25 days after, across the country the number of victims either referred to or contacting us for help following a hate crime incident has increased from 2,054 to 3,037  — a rise of 48%.

People have sought help and support following racially or religiously aggravated crimes including assaults, criminal damage and harassment.

In Manchester, in the 25 days following the attack 138 hate crime cases were referred to Victim Support, compared to 87 in the previous 25 day period — a 59% rise.

London cases leapt from 409 to 576 in the same period — a 42% increase.

Victim Support staff and volunteers attended Friday prayers at the Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park today to offer support and information to people affected by the recent terror attack in the area.

In the wake of the Manchester and London Bridge terror attacks, hundreds of people affected have been referred to or contacted Victim Support for help, including people who have lost loved ones or been seriously injured in the attacks, and those suffering the psychological trauma of witnessing the attacks.

Diana Fawcett, Victim Support’s Operations Director, said: ‘When a tragic and horrific terror incident happens it affects so many lives.

‘We know that incidents such as these can sadly trigger hate crime and these figures show how innocent people across the country have suffered merely because of their race and religion.

‘It is important that people across the country stand together and are united. We must not allow terrorists to cause a divide among us as that is what they want.’

If you’ve experienced hate crime or been affected by the recent terror attacks, we can help you move forward with free and confidential support. Call our free 24-hour Supportline on 08 08 16 89 111 or contact us through our website to get help.