Types of crime

There are lots of different types of crime, and people will react to crime differently. If you’ve been affected by crime and need support or information, please contact us.

Find out more about some of the specific types of crime below.

Murder or manslaughter

Bereavement is a painful experience for anyone, but when you lose someone because of the violent actions of another person – through murder or manslaughter – it can be particularly devastating.

Rape and sexual assault

Find out more about rape and sexual assault and how you can get help.


A robbery is when someone takes something from you with violence or threats – usually (but not always) in the street or another public place.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is any kind of unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature that makes you feel humiliated or intimidated, or that creates a hostile environment.

Stalking and harassment

Stalking is persistent and unwanted attention that makes you feel pestered and harassed.


Terrorist attacks are sudden and unpredictable and generally calculated to create a climate of fear or terror among the public. A terror attack can lead to an ongoing feeling of insecurity.

Violent crime

A violent crime is when someone physically hurts or threatens to hurt someone, and also includes crimes where a weapon is used.