As we approach the one year anniversary of the shootings in Keyham, Plymouth, on 12 August, our thoughts are with the five people killed, their friends and families, and those horrified by the events that took place within their community.

One year on, many people still feel some element of shock. Many are reaching out to support services for the first time. The impact of this event will last for a long time, and support services are there if and when people need them.

Since events unfolded, Victim Support has provided information and support to those affected by the attacks. We continue to support those who were directly and indirectly connected to the incident, in person and over the phone through two caseworkers dedicated to the Plymouth area. In addition, we have online support services with information specific to the incident in Keyham. This can be accessed by creating a free My Support Space  account and selecting ‘Major incident – Plymouth’ under crime type.

Anniversaries can be very challenging times for victims, survivors and communities. Victim Support staff will be at Keyham Green Places and remembrance events across the city to support those who need it.

We know there will be people in the community who have not yet sought support.  Some people have told us they feel there are others not getting the help they need that may need it most. If you need help, please reach out and remember it’s not too late to get in touch. There is no time limit on the help we can give you. Similarly, if you have received support but need a bit of extra help at this difficult time, please give Victim Support a call free-of-charge on 08 08 16 89 111, or get in touch online.

Diana Fawcett, Chief Executive