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There are lots of different types of crime. Nearly everyone will be affected by crime at some point in their lives. You can also be affected by more than one type of crime. There are lots of ways you can get support to cope with the effects of crime.

Understanding sex crimes
Sexual abuse is any type of sexual activity that you don't agree to or have been tricked into.
Talking about abusive relationships
Abusive relationships are when someone has power and control over you or another person. They may threaten you, or be violent towards you.
What is hate crime?
Hate crimes and hate incidents are when someone is abusive, harasses you, makes threats or is violent towards you because of your identity.
Are you safe online?
Everyone deserves a safe online experience. This section explores what is safe and what isn't and provides help and advice if you are experiencing online crime.
Facts about child abuse
It is never okay for someone to hurt or upset you, or make you do things that feel wrong.
I've had something stolen or damaged
Having something stolen or deliberately damaged or broken (called criminal damage) are some of the most common crimes.
Violent crime - the facts
A violent crime is one when someone physically hurts, or threatens to hurt, a victim and also includes crimes where a weapon is used.
Antisocial behaviour - what is it?
This is when people who do not live in your family home behave in unacceptable ways that make you feel worried, intimidated or unhappy.
I'm being bullied
Bullying is when someone does something on purpose to you that hurts or upsets you.
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