Cheryl Stollery and her husband John

Cheryl Stollery with her husband John

Cheryl Stollery, wife of John Stollery, who was killed in the Sousse terrorist attacks in 2015, has been campaigning for lessons to be learned from what happened since her husband was murdered on the 26 June 2015.

Cheryl has been working with the Victims’ Commissioner, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the Counter Terrorism Advisory Network and the Counter Terrorism Victim and Survivors group, Victim Support, Home Office Victim of Terrorism Unit and charities and campaign groups to address the lessons needing to be learnt from her lived experience and that of many of the other victims of overseas terrorism.

Since losing her husband and having to go through challenges and changes in her life and seeing how other victims’ families were also affected, Cheryl has campaigned to improve communication and support for all victims of terrorism, particularly those involved in overseas terrorism, who are very much reliant on government departments and services to support them. Cheryl told us why she wants to carry on campaigning for better support for victims’ families:

While time passes our family’s grief for John doesn’t. He was a wonderful husband and father who always wanted the best, not only for our family but for others in society through his job as a social worker.

We are determined to honour his legacy by campaigning for change to create a more tolerant and cohesive society. We never want other families to go through what we have but it’s important that there is better awareness and understanding of the support available to families who may need it if the worst did happen.”

It’s vital to ensure that all agencies and organisations work together to bring about sustained improvements from the lived and learnt experiences of bereaved families and victims. I will continue to ensure our voices do not get lost and our loved ones remain at the heart of better outcomes”.

If you’ve been affected by terrorism, no matter how long ago, please get in touch.