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Research plays a vital role in improving our understanding and support of victims and witnesses. It allows us to better comprehend their needs and experiences, so we can campaign on their behalf.

Research is also essential for a charity that provides services like we do, because we need to know that our own services meet the needs of victims and witnesses in every community in England and Wales.

Our reports allow us to make a strong case for particular public policy stances by presenting the views of victims and witnesses alongside evidence from elsewhere.

We are a national voice for victims and witnesses, making sure that the experiences of victims and witnesses are heard at all levels of decision-making. As we are in touch with over one million people affected by crime every year, we're in a unique position as a charity to understand their needs and to speak out for them when necessary.

Listening to victims and witnesses is an essential part of what we do. As well as seeking feedback every day from the people we help, we run focus groups around the country to gather views, opinions and information from victims and witnesses. 

Waiting for Justice: How victims of crime are waiting longer than ever for criminal trials

Report looking at why victims and witnesses of crime are facing increasingly long waits to see offenders brought to justice.

Making a Victims Law a reality: A manifesto for victims and witnesses of crime

A manifesto for victims and witnesses of crime that outlines eight proposals that we believe have the potential to greatly improve the experience for many victims and should be included in any meaningful ‘Victims Law’.

Suffering in silence: Children and unreported crime

This report looks at the hidden victimisation of children and young people.

At risk, yet dismissed - full report 

At risk, yet dismissed - summary

This report looks at the findings from a three-year research study exploring the extent and impact of criminal victimisation among people with mental health problems, as well as their experiences with the criminal justice system and other services after crime (October 2013).

Out of the shadows 

This report looks at the experiences of victims and witnesses who have attended the crown court (October 2013).

Out in the open: what victims really think about community sentencing

This report is based on research jointly commissioned by Make Justice Work and Victim Support and was designed to establish whether victims of crime are open to the greater use of community sentences (September 2012).

Left in the dark: why victims need to be kept informed

This report brings together official government data and new Victim Support survey findings to show that failures by the criminal justice system to keep victims informed undermines confidence and makes them less likely to report incidents in future. (July 2011)

Summing up: a strategic audit of the criminal justice system

An overview of the performance of the criminal justice, specifically in relation to victims and witnesses (July 2011).

Victims' justice? What victims and witnesses really want from sentencing

This report looks at the thoughts and opinions of victims on sentencing (December 2010).

Hoodie or goodie?

A research report commissioned by BMRB Social Research which explores the link between violent victimisation and offending behaviour in young people (September 2007).

Crime and prejudice - the support needs of victims of hate crime: a research report

A research report commissioned by Victim Support and funded by Co-operative Insurance focusing on identifying and understanding the support needs of victims of hate crime motivated by race, sexuality and religion (June 2006).

In the aftermath: the support needs of people bereaved by homicide

A research report into the needs of people bereaved by homicide, which we used as the basis to review our services and learning materials. (February 2006)

Investigating the practical support needs of burglary victims

A research report which looks at how Victim Support, and the organisations it works alongside, could improve the scope, coverage, effectiveness and quality of practical support for burglary victims in the future (December 2005).

Criminal neglect: no justice beyond criminal justice 

A research report on how crime affects victims and our call for a new way of thinking about crime (February 2002).

We supported more than 204,000 witnesses through the process of going to court

We supported more than 204,000 witnesses through the process of going to court

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