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Reduce reoffending

A key part of the role of VS is to champion the interests of victims and witnesses of crime. In a survey conducted by the National Probation Service, 94% of victims said that their priority was for the offending to stop.

As the leading independent victims’ charity in England and Wales, Victim Support (VS) delivers victim awareness courses that put the victim’s voice at the heart of offender rehabilitation and aim to reduce reoffending. 

How VS helps

We offer a range of courses designed to help reduce reoffending through education and empathy with victims, including:

  • Victim Awareness Course – aimed at offenders who have committed low level offences and been diverted from prosecution
  • Victim-Focused Rehabilitation Course – an awareness course for offenders in prison or in the community

Our courses have been developed with victims at their heart, and aim to address reoffending by illustrating and helping offenders to understand the significant impact their behaviour can have on the life of a victim.

We also support organisations to better understand victims and the impact of crime and deliver victim empathy messaging where appropriate to other audiences, such as prison and probation officers in their management of offenders and rehabilitation or reparation programmes.

While our victim awareness courses are not restorative justice, they can lead to participants wanting to find out more about this.

Why choose VS?

Victim Awareness Course (VAC)

Victim-Focused Rehabilitation Course

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