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A robbery is when someone takes something from you with violence or threats – often, but not always, in the street or another public place. Robbery is considered to be a relatively common crime.  

Coping with the effects of robbery

Even if you’re not physically hurt during a robbery, it can be very distressing because you have been threatened with violence or someone has used force to steal from you. So even without injury, it’s still classed as a violent crime.

Being confronted by a thief, who might have a weapon, can be a frightening experience for anyone. How you react to robbery will depend on lots of different factors – not just the crime, but things about you as a person and how you cope with difficult events in your life.

Everyone will respond differently, but however you feel, remember that's it's never your fault – only the offender is to blame and nobody has the right to take or destroy your things. 

How you might feel afterwards

However you've been affected, you are likely to experience a normal response to the shock and fear that robbery causes. You may find that you have no reaction straight afterwards, but later on you may start to feel more distressed by the events. The repercussions of a crime like this can last a long time.

You may be afraid of becoming a victim again, making you nervous about going out and being in public places. Many people find it very helpful to talk to someone about feelings like this. Every year, our volunteer caseworkers help many people who have been victims of robbery and you can talk to them in confidence.

They’re also trained to give you practical help and information on compensation and the criminal justice system.

Get in touch: we can help

Most people are referred to us by the police when they report a crime, but anyone can contact us directly if they want to. You can also email or call the Victim Supportline on 08 08 16 89 111 for support and information. We also welcome calls via text relay.


152,726 victims received practical and emotional help in the last year

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