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Anne and Jonathan’s story

Anne and Jonathan needed help when their daughter became a victim of bullying and harassment.

Our teenage daughter, Kate, became a victim of sustained bullying and harassment by another girl at her school. Kate eventually changed schools but the bullying continued – not just in person but online via Facebook and through text messages.

Victim Support were the only ones that gave consistent support. A volunteer came round to our house on a couple of occasions then she phoned every week. She was supportive and totally understood everything that had happened and sympathised 100% with the situation.

To help resolve the issue, our local Victim Support manager came to a meeting with the school governors. His contribution was first-class. He made so many good points about what was right and wrong in relation to policies and procedures, and he gave us invaluable support and advice.

Throughout the process, it was important to know we could trust Victim Support because they were totally independent.

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