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The Birmingham Residents Antisocial Behaviour Victim Empowerment (BRAVE) project is an innovative initiative run by Victim Support, designed specifically to help people experiencing antisocial behaviour (ASB) in Birmingham.

In order to help those suffering from the effects of persistent ASB, Victim Support intends to improve the emotional wellbeing of people affected by ASB and empower them to tackle it, by offering tailored emotional and practical support as well as guidance, information and advocacy through those who have experienced ASB themselves.

There is nothing more valuable than first-hand experience, and the primary ethos of BRAVE is to help prevent more people suffering from the effects of ASB, by utilising the knowledge and experiences of previous victims.


  • Improve victim’s emotional wellbeing. Develop skills and knowledge to tackle future ASB from multi agency support co-ordinated by BRAVE.
  • Create new skills and knowledge to support local ASB victims, developed through the BRAVE training programme.
  • Gain better knowledge and skills through receiving support from BRAVE. 



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