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Reporting a crime

It can be difficult to decide whether or not you should tell the police and you may be worried about what will happen if you do report the crime. But you can get help.

You might think the police will not believe you or take you seriously, or they will view the crime as not important enough to do anything about. If the offender is someone you know, especially a friend or family member, you may be worried about getting them in to trouble. Remember, the police are there to listen and protect you, and even if you have had a bad experience with them in the past, if you are a vicitim of crime they will help you.

The Victim's Code tells you how the police should support you when you have been a victim or witness of crime.

Should I report a crime?

Lots of people find it difficult to report a crime to police, but it can really help to talk to an adult you can trust – maybe a parent, a family member, a teacher, youth worker, or young victim or young witness supporter – about the problem, and ask for their help. You can also make a list of the ‘pros and cons’ – the reasons why you think you should tell the police, and the reasons why you think you shouldn’t – so that it is easier to make the decision.

Things to think about

How reporting a crime can help

What’s stopping me reporting the crime?

How do I decide?

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