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Talking about abusive relationships

An abusive relationship is when someone has power and control over you or another person. They may threaten you, or be violent towards you. Abusive relationships can be very confusing, as you may still love the person abusing you and want to make them happy.


Am I in an abusive relationship?
A healthy relationship should make you feel happy – not controlled, trapped, threatened or hurt.
Domestic violence explained
It can happen when people live together, live separately or even when they have split up.
Have I brought shame on my family?
When someone in your family or community hurts or threatens to hurt you because of this, it is called honour-based violence (HBV).
I'm being forced to marry someone I don't want to
If you are being made to get married when you don’t want to, this is a forced marriage.
They follow everything I do
This is when someone tries to make contact with you in a way that makes you feel scared, upset or threatened.
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